Monday, 7 November 2011

Pull Up tastic

Hip is still going great. I'm being very careful since I'm still only 3 and half weeks post op, but am back to work massaging (though phased return) and cracking on with my rehab.

Am finding it tough to do the cycling because its not the most interesting thing in the world to do. However, I've used the time to catch up on watching the video blogs of Kelly Starrett - aka K Starr. He's a US physical therapist and a crossfitter and does some amazing self-treatment/management in his blogs. He is really entertaining and easy to watch and explains his stuff so well - anyone can follow the advice. Lots of band stretching - so you can distract the hip whilst stretching the muscles and lots of great solutions for restricted shoulders etc. Some of the stuff is marvellous for hipsters everywhere. - ie you can stretch your piriformis without pinching the hip. Some people say they have 'never' felt that part stretch before cos they have always been too restricted to get into the right position. I'm getting some new bands delivered in the next couple of days so I'll post some FAI band stretches for you all to try.

Have achieved 6 unassisted kipping pull ups so far. Should reach 10 then going to aim for 21 in a row. There is a 'girl' (a crossfit workout) called Fran. 21-15-9 of pull ups and Thrusters (a front squat with an overhead press) with a 30kg bar. Its a great benchmark and I'm so excited to have a go once my hip is good for squatting again. But I need to be able to do 21 pull ups in a row to get the best performance - so that will fill in the time until I can squat again.

Here is one of the best female crossfitters in the world 'hitting Fran'.
She does 'butterfly pull ups' which is the next project after I can hit my kipping pull up target!

I can row as long as I don't fully flex or extend my legs and don't jerk, and I'm focussing on my back and arms for most of the work here.

Just started to do glute medius work (clam type) and found my ROM is a little restricted by tight adductors. Did a 3minute set which really loosened off my adductors - bonus! and got some nice muscle ache the next day so gonna work hard on getting that excellent to support my hip stability.

Lunch has settled so I'm heading off into my home gym now. :D


  1. clare would you share the new piriformis stretch?

  2. Hi Clare,

    How are you getting on now? Im expecting to go for FAI op soon and would love to know what my chance are of running again or Crossfitting?



  3. Hi Clare

    I'm also pretty keen to know how you're getting on. I'm 1 year post hip arthroscopy for FAI and labral tearing on my left hip. Every now and then it gives me pain but for the most part it is ok. I won't get to test it out fully as I have to do my right hip in 2 months. A real bummer as this will take me out of serious exercise for at least 6 months.